Why Coeur

Whole Perspective. Whole Person.

Understanding the psychiatric, psychological, educational/vocational, nutritional, cognitive, behavioral and medical-body systems that must function together is the key to properly diagnosing and providing treatment recommendations that lead to long-term well-being. By incorporating individual and group therapies into our assessments, we are able to build trust with individuals that supports open communication, self-empowerment and healing.


Form and Function

We begin our therapeutic assessment by learning about the developmental aspects of each individual. Since many young adults come to us with deficits in areas that have made it difficult for them to function in a typical environment, we work together with individuals to find immediate practices that move them into a more sophisticated level of living day to day.


Define and Align

Once immediate practices for a higher level of functioning are put into action, family, staff and resident interviews are incorporated into the assessment. As the person’s strengths and challenges come into view, we get a clearer picture of recommendations that will work to align the body’s systems. This sets the stage for individuals to continue to define their own internal values and identify goals, along with the principles based on these values, that will guide them through treatment and beyond.

Coeur's Key Differentiators

We are recognized in the field of mental health for our ability to assess young adults with the most complex aggregation of diagnoses and symptoms, including those who have experienced many failed attempts at treatment in other settings.


It’s the combination of our therapeutic-assessment approach, our breadth of expertise and depth of services that sets us apart from other programs. Coeur has the backing of one of the largest continuums of young-adult residential mental-health care programming in the world.


  • Expansive Continuum – We offer stabilization, assessment and treatment services for ages 18 to 28.

  • Ability to Accept Medical Complexity – We accept students with various and complex medical challenges, such as uncontrolled diabetes, cystic fibrosis, post-surgical challenges, eating disorders and other issues.

  • Internal Sub-acute Sections of Programming - Our lead clinicians have privileges to Kootenai Health, which is a part of the Mayo Clinic Network, as well as an award-winning Magnet facility. Although we have this ability, preventing hospitalizations and helping residents to complete treatment is the goal.  

  • Dual Diagnosis - Our integral-recovery model is unique to the industry and supports relapse prevention.

  • Treatment - We have the ability to take appropriate clinical matches without regard to gender identity, maintaining our reputation for respectful treatment and superior results.


  • Decentralized Pods - Our treatment approach gives us the ability to make stabilization, assessment and treatment decisions on-demand to keep residents thriving.

  • Excellent Safety Record

  • Location - Coeur d’Alene, Idaho is a picturesque resort town known for its safety and proximity (about a 35-minute drive to our office) to an international airport and additional services.

  • Design and Quality of Home Environments – Everything from furniture, linens and towels to home décor is designed specifically to optimize our residents’ comfort level and healing potential. This is a mindful part of the healing process.

  • Medical Community Relationships – Being an active part of a stellar medical community allows us to access multiple sub-specialties and care not otherwise afforded centers or programs without this connection.


  • Physician owned and operated

  • Double-boarded child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist, available by phone 24 hours a day

  • One of the only assessment centers with two prescribers

  • Reputation - We accept clinically complex psychiatric profiles and have been known for this ability over many years

  • 24-hour awake staff

  • Ability to utilize various resources from our well-known parent treatment center, Innercept, as well as the medical community to provide stabilization if necessary

  • Client-centered therapeutic assessments that begin on day one after coming to Coeur


I learned that failure in inevitable, perfection is impossible, success is measurable, happiness is attainable and I… I am able.

Our daughter went from being unable to manage school or life to someone who is coping with difficulties in the modern world, while seeing the value of the treatment she needs.

Our journey has been long, but results are impressive. We are confident the skills (learned) will get us through whatever the future brings.