Our Location

Balance and Restoration

Providing a safe living atmosphere that aligns with evolving a productive lifestyle during the assessment process is one of our top priorities. Surrounded by majestic mountains and clear, spanning lakes, Coeur’s family-style home is a soft landing for residents seeking balance and restoration.


Every detail of our Coeur residential home inside and out – from the quality of linens and towels to furniture, décor and outdoor landscape – has been designed with loving care to show the value and potential of each individual. By creating an immediate foundation for young people to see and feel their worth, we set the stage for them to find purpose.


Our home is set up to run as any typical household. This helps young people learn and practice the life skills they need to live and be well. While this does present risks, we believe it is a crucial part of the shift in mindset that must occur for young people to function at their best.


Our abundant area health-care resources, such as Kootenai Health (a part of the Mayo Clinic network) and an award-winning Magnet facility which has both adolescent and adult psychiatric-care units, enable us to successfully assess and treat the most medically-complex cases locally.

Photo by Eric Kensbock