Failure is inevitable, perfection is impossible, success is measurable, happiness is attainable and … I am able.

Emerge. Evolve. Embrace.

As a division of the well-respected Innercept residential treatment center, Coeur (pronounced Core, and the French word for heart) is a cross-disciplinary assessment center in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho focused solely on young-adult therapeutic assessments. We exist to change the face of mental health by helping people emerge with a more thorough understanding of self, evolve towards a better way of living and embrace this understanding as they take the next step.

What this means

Coeur is a soft landing for young adults ages 18 - 28 seeking refuge from a constellation of complex mental-health issues, and at times, medical struggles, that have yet to be fully addressed. Our therapeutic-assessment approach is a hybrid of stabilization, treatment, discovery and evaluation that engages our residents as active participants in the process, allowing us to see the whole person. This works to clarify diagnosis and enables us to make the most accurate recommendations for sustainable health and well-being.  ​​

One of the most unique qualities of Coeur is our access to the expertise and resources of our residential mental-health treatment center for young people at Innercept. Using this breadth of knowledge and experience, the team can help residents, families and consultants choose the right way forward.



Our team’s deep, personal passion for helping others find clarity and perspective by using their individual strengths, life experiences and clinical expertise are at the heart of how we are reversing the stigma of mental health. We believe transforming the lives of our residents and their families is rooted in continuously pursuing knowledge. By applying these insights to our assessment methods with dignity, respect and understanding, we can help our residents find acceptance and self-actualize to achieve overall wellness.


Our therapeutic-assessment approach means residents actively participate in the entire process, including the presentation of findings. A careful explanation of how the findings show their unique makeup and how they can reach their full potential is given to the young adult as well as those who are supporting their care. Engagement in individual and group therapies, as well as family-systems activities occur on day one. This works to maximize comfort, while empowering the individual.

We provide more than just a place

to live during the evaluation. Our therapeutic-assessment approach

helps soothe distress by providing individuals a sense of control over

their lives, while mitigating negative coping patterns. It also serves to

define individual strengths and interests to build upon, while identifying any emerging challenges

to address. While at the center, residents live in a home setting amidst a peaceful landscape.

Our breadth of licensed professionals with advanced degrees and appropriate resident to advisor ratio uniquely

position us to provide the highest

level of mental-health care

and attention throughout the assessment. These strengths

are at the heart of our ability to

deliver an integrated diagnosis,

as well as recommendations for

successful treatment. Download

our brochure for more information on our therapeutic-assessment center.


As a physician-owned and operated treatment center with two prescribers, Coeur has a unique breadth of in-depth knowledge and experience. This expertise enables us to assess, diagnose and contribute to the conversation regarding treatment recommendations for young adults with a broad range of clinically-complex psychiatric profiles and medical challenges.


Our comprehensive therapeutic assessment is personalized to each individual, providing a full-perspective diagnosis, along with guidance and treatment recommendations in concert with referral sources. This offers our residents the freedom to further refine and reinforce the core-value systems work completed during the evaluation, as well as make life-affirming choices.